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Who are we at Zekeng?

Zekeng is a world class company that offers stellar prototyping services, from A-Z, at competitive prices. We’re not only passionate engineers building innovative products and generating impact, though. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we implicitly understand what it takes to bring an idea to fruition. We act as a strategic partner, here to help guide you to the next level.

Our Story

Established in 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Zekeng initially operated as a custom PCB layout design studio. Over the years we gradually expanded our team and added more services to our portfolio like PCB assembly, rapid prototyping, firmware development, industrial design and feasibility studies. Our clients come mainly from Europe and North America.

People Behind

Zekeng team is built of electronic engineers, industrial designers and firmware developers, most of them with 15+ years of experience in their respective field. Some of the companies they worked for before joining us are: Google, Kostal, Nokia, Dellorto, Datecs.


In an age of exponential growth in technology, hardware products are becoming extremely popular. We provide solid expertise and sophisticated engineering practices for turning your ideas into ready-for-market products. Our mission is two-fold: make hardware development accessible and provide a full suite of prototyping and startup services. You can confidently rely on Zekeng to take care of it all.

– Emil Kirilov, Co-Founder and CEO @ Zekeng

Our Team

Head of HW Engineering
George Kirtchev
3D Designer
Hristo Kirchev
Hardware Engineer
Stefan Stoev
Head of FW Development
Emil Kirilov
Firmware Developer
Stanislav Dimitrov
Graphics Designer
Katya Nedelcheva
Administration & Project Management
Yummiush Eni

Product Categories We Have Experience In

Battery-powered Devices

Wireless Solutions & IoT

Consumer Electronics

Sensors and Actuators

GPS Tracking Devices

Smart Devices


System on Module

High Speed Designs


Product Categories We Have Experience In

Battery-powered Devices

Smart Devices

Consumer Electronics

System on Module

GPS Tracking Devices

Wireless Solutions & IoT


Sensors and Actuators

High Speed Designs


What We Do

Electronic Design

  • RF Electronics
  • Analog & Digital Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • High Speed / High Density Layouts

Software Development

  • Firmware Development
  • Real-time Operating Systems
  • Embedded Linux
  • Cloud / Web / Mobile Development

Industrial Design

  • Enclosure Design
  • Aesthetic Design
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering


  • Project
  • Component Delivery
  • Vendor Selection
  • Product Life-cycle
  • Prototyping

Research & Analysis

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Idea Feasibility Check
  • Design & Product Cost Estimation
  • Signal Integrity Validation
  • Thermal Performance
  • Technology & Component Research

Quality & Reliability Check

  • High Speed Design Simulations
  • Power Integrity Simulations
  • Analog Signal Simulations
  • Certification Oriented Design
  • Design Verification & Validation
  • Circuit Behavior


  • PCB Manufacturing & Assembly
  • 3D Enclosure Printing
  • Die casting & Milling
  • Enclosure Detailing & Finish
  • Design For Manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Production Transition

Our Work 



Servicing Customers



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We offer accessible hardware development
through convinient plans.

You have a hardware product idea, but you don’t know where to begin. The direction you should go in, costs, technical expertise, management and scope of your project can be overwhelming. Here is where Zekeng can help you by discussing your idea and its feasibility via consultation.


As an early stage startup, you’d like to further develop a product while reducing costs. A leasing agreement will allow you to pay just a fraction of your project’s expenses during its development. The rest is due only when you start making money!


We’ve honed our technical expertise over the past 9+ years as outsourcing specialists. If you have expert domain knowledge in your field, we can integrate as a side team and help you execute your project.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Chris Viotti
Aero Parts Logistics LLC
Miami FL, USA

Most knowledgeable professionals I've come across. They are always one step ahead of me and provide very fast turnaround.

Most knowledgeable professionals I've come across. They are always one step ahead of me and provide very fast turnaround.

Martin Stoilov
Co-Founder @ SigmaDrone
Portland OR, USA

Zekeng is truly a one-stop shop and should be number one on the list of every enterprise in need of hardware design and manufacturing.

Got an idea but not sure where to go or what to do?

We provide a clear roadmap through our basic consulting plan.
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Atanas Moskov Str, block 487 office 1,

Mladost 4, 1715 Sofia, Bulgaria


+359 885 312 217



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We turn visions into winning products …

With our technical knowledge and manufacturing experience, accumulated over the years, we turn visions into winning products by providing full turnkey solutions. Thus we can help you from assessment of your idea to manufacturing and delivery of preproduction prototypes and small scale manufacturing.

… through efficient development, …

We are among the few design service providers where electrical engineers, industrial designers and firmware developers sit and work together, which allows cost and time efficient product development. In addition to this, we may perform as your company’s virtual hardware design team or as a helping hand for your design department during peak periods.

… doing the right thing, the very first time

We recognize the mutual exchange of value through our client collaboration and never fail to listen to the voice of our customer. Our design center, provides our clients with innovative engineering solutions tailored to suit any specific need. Our internal management procedures ensure that your product is in safe hands at every step of the development process. That’s why we have a reputation of creating designs for which revision A is directly released into production.

For information on pricing, check our convenient plans.



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