Electronic Manufacturing

Component Sourcing

With Zekeng as your global component sourcing partner, you will never have to worry about completing a project in time or fret over the varying quality of components from shipment to shipment. Our dedicated component sourcing team plans your inventory supply with the future requirements in sight. This future oriented planning ensures that your project lead time is minimized while the quality and cost are optimized for the most competitive markets. Our working relationships with component suppliers from across the globe guarantee that you never run out of quality components during any phase of your hardware project. So, whether you require materials for a few prototypes or a supply chain for high-volume manufacturing operations, we are prepared to support you.

PCB Fabrication

Zekeng’s global partnership network of high quality PCB fabrication houses systematically meets our client’s hardware project needs. From few prototyping boards to high volume manufacturing, no job is too small or too big for us.

PCB Assembly

For PCB assembly Zekeng has a global network of quality contract manufacturers. All PCBA adhere to world-class quality and acceptance standards for electronic assemblies.