Take responsibility for your tone

Take SnapDrive™

Custom tone. No technical skills required.

SnapDrive is a modular guitar distortion effect that allows players to build custom tone without having technical skills. They can do it by combining generic modules that consist of amplifying circuits, distortion circuits, tone controls, equalizers and other filters.

Find the combination that sounds best to you.

Variety of tones can be achieved by putting modules sequentially from left to right. Each module can be bypassed separately and this setting can be stored in patches for fast recall by pressing the corresponding foot switch.

Sky is the limit.

SnapDrive is able to replicate the tone of most of the stock stomp boxes making it suitable for styles like country, jazz, blues, rock and heavy metal.

Don’t throw your gear! Use it with SnapDrive!

SnapDrive offers effects loop which position is determined by the LOOP module and can be put anywhere in the chain. This way players can add all modulation and delay effects in the loop or use it to manipulate effect they already have or the preamp of the amplifier they use.

No messy pedal boards anymore!

Tired of carrying big and heavy pedal boards and fixing patch cables on live gigs? SnapDrive is much lighter and compact. With the help of magnetic slots you can change your tonality within a fraction of a second even on stage.

Who is SnapDrive for?

Maybe you’re a guitar player tired of experimenting with expensive distortion pedals, messy pedal boars and cracking patch cables? Maybe you use multi effect processor but you can’t get the sound you want to? Or maybe you love to try and test new things? No matter which group you fall into you are obviously not happy with your tone.



Modular approach equals unlimited combinations


Premium materials, no unnecessary components


Fits any pedal board and any carry bag - 10`` x 5`` x 3``

Price Wise

Pay once and reuse modules on all future products

Easy to Use

Change modules easily within a fraction of a second

True bypass

Each module is bypassed by high quality relays

What is on the Back Panel

Stereo Input 1/4`` (6.3mm) Jacks

Active / Passive Switch

Custom Power Supply 15 VDC @ 2A (adapter included)

Stereo Loop With Selectable Position

Power Supply Output for External Pedals 9 VDC @ 300mA

Phones Output (3.5mm jack) With Volume Control

Stereo Output 1/4`` (6.3mm) Jacks








10 000 pcs.

15 June 2019

15 July 2019

1 August 2019

1 September 2019

2-4 weeks




Why Preorder Campaign?

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the EWT chip available for more people as well as to lower the price by reaching high production volumes. During the campaign you can preorder modules or chips according to your needs. For convenience they are split in packs:



  • 1x – this pack includes only 1 module, enough for a test drive
  • 5x – this pack includes 5 modules, enough to implement it to your self made home automation system
  • 20x – this pack includes 20 modules and allows you to order 3.3V and 5V modules at the same time
  • 100x – this pack includes 100 modules which means you took it seriously and therefore we offer to program custom time intervals acccording to your needs


  • 5x and 10x – these packs are suitable for a prototyping production – a really good start to explore the chip
  • 50x and 100x – these packs are suitable for pilot production. You can choose multiple options for power supply

Custom Order

  • If you don’t find a pack that covers your needs, feel free to send us a custom order.

Payments and Terms

You have to pay the pack of your choice in advance. All payments will be processed by PayPal. In case we don’t meet our goals we keep the right to fully refund you. You can always withdraw your payment before the production data (15 July 2019), no questions asked. Once we enter production, no refund will be possible.

Your Personal Data

By placing an order you are sending us your personal data. We respect privacy and this data will be stored and used ONLY for the purposes of the campaign.

Return Policy

We will not handle any returns.