Take control of your tone

Introducing SnapDrive™

Custom tone. No technical skills required.

SnapDrive is a modular guitar effects system that enables players to create their own unique sound. No technical knowledge needed. Simply put, musicians can build their ultimate tone one module at a time, quickly and intuitively, like playing with building blocks… it’s that easy.

Create the exact sound in your head.

An endless range of tones can be achieved by easily swapping in and out modules of various component stages. Each module can be bypassed separately, and settings can be stored for fast recall by pressing the corresponding footswitch.

Sky is the limit with SnapDrive.

Replicate the most sought-after tones (blues, rock, country, jazz, metal, you name it), as well as ones never heard before. We make this happen by offering the separate stages that make up a stompbox, in individual modules. SnapDrive is your secret weapon to signature sound!

Use other gear with SnapDrive!

SnapDrive offers an effects loop, which allows you to conveniently place other pedals anywhere in the chain. Players can add modulation and delay effects in the loop, or use it to manipulate other outboard gear as well as an amplifier’s preamp section.

Say goodbye to messy pedalboards!

Tired of transporting clunky pedalboards and a ton of cables from gig to gig? SnapDrive solves both those problems. With the help of magnetic connectors, you can change your tone on the fly… no patch cables required!

Who is SnapDrive for?

Done with costly pedals, messy pedalboards, and annoying patch cables? Use a multi-FX pedal but can’t get the tone you want? Love new, innovative gear? No matter the reason, SnapDrive is here to level up the game.



Modular approach equals unlimited tone combos


Premium components, streamlined design

Conveniently Compact

Small footprint that fits virtually any pedalboard or carrying bag - 10`` x 5`` x 3``

Backward Compatibility

Enjoy the freedom & affordability to reuse modules on all future products

Easy to Use

Modules are literally a snap to swap in and out

True Bypass

Picky about your tone? We got your back with true bypass

Connections (Back Panel)

Stereo Input 1/4`` (6.3mm) Jacks

Active / Passive Switch

Custom Power Supply 15 VDC @ 2A (adapter included)

Stereo Loop With Selectable Position

Power Supply Output for External Pedals 9 VDC @ 300mA

Phones Output (3.5mm jack) With Volume Control

Stereo Output 1/4`` (6.3mm) Jacks



Is SnapDrive for guitar only?

SnapDrive is meant to be a universal platform for analog and digital effects. This first generation is focused on distortion effects for guitarists and basses. However, we plan on expanding features for keyboardists, acoustic plug-in players (violinists, harmonica players, acoustic guitarists, ukulele players, etc.), and more in the near future.

Is SnapDrive an effects processor?

Not exactly. SnapDrive has the capability to run digital effects (modules) like chorus, flanger, and delay. We plan to develop and release new types of modules that allow for full customization of these types of effects and much more.

Is there a compressor and noise gate?

Compressor and noise gate modules will be released in future. And as mentioned before, SnapDrive offers backward compatibility. This will allow you to use current modules with later releases.

Is there a SnapDrive with more slots?

Currently, there is one 7-slot base model, but we plan to release more models later on. These include an XL version, a rackmount version, and combo amp version. All modules will be backward compatible across the line.

Is SnapDrive really true bypass?

All SnapDrive modules are true bypass. However, it is a complex system. In order to avoid any signal loss, we have implemented a high-quality buffer which do not manipulate or amplify the signal that passes through it. This preserves the original tone of the instrument.

How can I buy SnapDrive?

Currently, SnapDrive is not available. We are launching pre-sales campaign soon though. Subscribe to our pre-launch list and we will keep you up to date.

Is SnapDrive stereo?

SnapDrive is designed to run stereo, but a mono option will be offered as well. Some of the modules (mainly distortions and EQs) are mono. Check out individual module’s specs for more info.

Can I use SnapDrive on batteries?

Not at this time. SnapDrive utilizes a complex power supply system, which does not allow for battery use. However, we are currently developing an external battery pack.

Can I use SnapDrive on batteries?

Yes! Unlike many guitar preamps, SnapDrive offers a convenient active / passive selection switch.